A Soulful Space for Your Story to Find Purpose + Rest

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Ruthann, a writer + a storytrader.  I know what it is like to have a story within you but to not know why.
I wrestled with this for years.

That is why I created STORYTRADER.  A community to discover a soulful purpose for your story.


Ruthann J Weece

Monthly Gatherings

Each one of us has a story inside of us that is meant to be shared. When you join our monthly gatherings, you are coming alongside others who are right in the middle of their story too. 

Together we will trade our stories and create community.

Join our monthly gathering where I will share more of my story, some of my favorite things + so much more!

Stories from the blog

Getting Through The Valley

Getting through the Valley

It’s so easy to get lost going through a valley.

Because we often don’t realize how long the valley really is until we’re standing in the middle of it.
We grieve, we grow and we even sometimes trip over the rocky terrain we’re traveling through, because the valley is a place we experience all sorts of trials.
It can be scary and can be one of the hardest places we ever navigate through.

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When life suddenly changes, but God doesn’t

It wasn’t at all what I expected it to feel like…. Fearing it. Hearing it. Saying it. Having it. Even though I know it’s so much Joe’s story, we both got written into this narrative recently… And somehow you did too! Because when we break our hearts open and share our stories with one another

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Hope After the Darkness

These two women hold a piece of our story and are a part of it too. It’s sometimes hard to remember we’re all a part of a bigger story together. And the thing is although they’ve only known us for a short time they feel like family. Because that’s how it is when we walk

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