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Worship MORE and Worry LESS…

Worship MORE and Worry LESS

When something really hard & holy crashes into your home no one ever tells you that doing what you’ve always done might not be enough. 

Because first off that would be a rude way to care for a friend and secondly most of us don’t know what it takes to survive another person’s hard days. 

But sometimes we need that word.
We need to be told we might have to change in order to walk through the days ahead. 

Because sometimes we all need a reset…something to shift within our soul.

Because how we view God gives us a picture of ourselves.



I never realized how much things could change for us. 
I never knew how Joe would rely on me somedays more than I leaned into him.
I never really understood how many people are going through their own version of hard and keep on going day after day. 
I never knew how many people are hiding secrets too afraid to be known. 

And mostly because we live our lives much of the same way day after day year after year viewing change as something we steer away from and do as little of it as possible. 

But sometimes change invites itself in and you have to do the adjusting…

Because if you don’t, you won’t survive….



From the first day we heard of Joe’s diagnosis to the days we’re walking through now we’ve been learning to walk in a new rhythm…
You see friend,
I tried my ways for years…because that’s what we do, we do what we know and what we’ve always done. 

But life won’t always adjust like this.

Because sometimes its time to change.
And when we change something beautiful happens; everything around us begins to change too. 

Our priorities, our perspective and our people change-sometimes in small ways but often in much bigger ways than we’d ever expected. 

Because change does this…it doesn’t leave people or places the way it finds them.
And this is often a good thing. 



A couple of months ago as we began sharing how we were going to fight this battle with worship we were asked a question something like this…

‘Are you sure this thing will really carry you through?
Like when it gets hard are you sure you want to make this kind of commitment to worship?’

I get it.

I really do.

Because at first this question got me thinking too.

You see I don’t like to make commitments I can’t keep and I don’t ever want to lead others somewhere I’m unable to go.

So I wondered what worship might really look like on the ugliest of days…When suddenly I heard an inner voice remind me that the One who led us here would also lead us through this. 

-I think we can sometimes walk through fires and not really see God until that massive explosion hits and then we search for him like never before.

This is what choosing worship has been for us.
It’s been a pursuit of finding God in the midst of the fire
Looking for him past the flames and even feeling him in the burn. 



In this we’ve been finding how a worshipful life is an attentive life; as our eyes continue shifting from our struggle towards God.

Like Job who chose to praise God in the midst of so much pain we too have an invitation to find God in our circumstances.   

You see, when we chose Worship Over Worry we had no idea it would result in so many blessings…honestly I said the words as a desperate reach to not choose worry. 
But in it we’ve been finding how…
God is glorified…we’re strengthened…
and heaven is activated in worship.

And friend, there’s truly nothing more powerful than this. 


Because although we’ll each face many valleys-
God’s here with us and he promises to walk us out the other side.

Some people say brokenness is a curse but I truly believe God uses it to draw us into his presence…
And we must turn back to Jesus as many times as it takes for us to find ourselves in his presence. 

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  1. Sheila Bradshaw

    I love your reminder to change. I needed that message today. I believe you are right, that we need to hear the Holy Spirit’s nudge to move in the direction the Lord is leading. That can mean change, and I’m not always willing to change. But, I am learning more each day that I want to change if it means being closer to Him! I want to be in His Presence!

  2. I am unable to put into words the volumes this speaks into my life. Thank you Ruthann!
    God is glorified, I’m strengthened and yes Lord, thank You for activating heaven through our worshiping YOU! ❤️

  3. Caren thanks so much. So grateful it spoke to you. Because it was a struggle to scribble out today. God is good to give us the words when we can’t seem to find them.

  4. You have literally changed my perspective about struggle. I’m talking 180. I was so afraid of everything. I’m facing the same mountain for the fourth time in a row. It has wrecked me and wrecked me and now, for the first time, I’m barely even noticing it. I’m probably going to cry a little now, because you’re going through such pain but thank you for the broken pieces that spill out as you write because I’m collecting them like precious gems and filling in all my holes. … I love you so much and I’m so thankful for you💕 Be encouraged. Be refreshed. Be renewed. Your words are spirit led💕

    1. Oh Tiffany you’re just too sweet. Thank you so much! I’m so grateful for how God uses our situations to feed others and how he’s used you to pour into me♥️ God loves you so much. Don’t ever forget this. Keep trusting him he is trustworthy!!
      Love you!

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