When life suddenly changes, but God doesn’t

It wasn’t at all what I expected it to feel like….

Fearing it.

Hearing it.

Saying it.

Having it.

Even though I know it’s so much Joe’s story, we both got written into this narrative recently…
And somehow you did too!

Because when we break our hearts open and share our stories with one another we get invited into each other’s journey.
And I don’t know anything more powerful, outside of God himself,
that heals more souls and brokenness than the coming together of people in hard times.

This past week has felt like such a blur…and so much of it still seems surreal.

And yet, not for one millisecond of it, have we felt alone….but rather surrounded.

Both, as prayers from all over our beautiful planet are being offered and as worship songs continually bing my phone.

It’s truly been humbling for us and so inspiring to link arms with all of you.

You see, through all the texts, emails and messages we’ve been invited into thousands of your stories.

And friends,
it’s truly moving all the battles people are fighting out there.

Like the sweet Starbucks worker who washed my table and told me about her son who fought against addiction and how it cost his life.
And yet that precious Momma shows up every day to make our coffee and even chooses to smile all the way through it.
Because she knows the One who’s carrying her through her brokenness.

Or many of you out there fighting depression and your own battle against disease that is decaying your body.

With all the crazy headlines running through our feeds it’s easy to get lost in it all and forget how we’re all in this battle of life together.

Just like this past week when you so beautifully showed us this….
As you agreed to surround us with your audacious prayers and joined us to worship rather than worry.

And you know what’s happening?

God’s showing up!
Oh friend, maybe it’s in different ways than we’re looking for in desperate times like this.
Because truth is, I don’t know exactly what God is going to do.
There’s so much still unknown…

But what I do know
– is he’s been doing something in the depth of our souls and its been so amazing.

Because sometimes we can get stuck in our spiritual lives and forget that our ONE life really does matter.

I saw this in the way you came along side of us this past week.
I cannot even explain what a blessing it is that we can show up in some of our most ragged clothes and receive this kind of affection and love
-You’ve truly shown us we aren’t ever alone in our battles!

Because its easy to forget that when we unfold what’s deep inside our heart how
it has a special way of touching what’s deep inside another’s soul.

And as Joe and I’ve been walking through this journey lately we’ve been seeing how
one little text…
one big prayer…
one BIG hug…
and one beautiful worship song can help shift our eyes from what is temporal to what lasts forever!

And if I’ve learned anything in this life,
it’s how there will be days when we won’t want to climb some mountains.

But knowing
who is climbing with us, really makes a difference.
Because the climb upward always leads us closer to God. 

14 thoughts on “When life suddenly changes, but God doesn’t”

      1. This is so beautiful – and Amen to the gift of sharing our stories. With love and prayers from England and so happy to have connected with you!

  1. Thank you Ruth Ann for the faithful courage so clearly written between each line as you opened your soul through your thoughts. My memories of Joe are mostly contained in the few times I was privileged to be a guest in the Weece home and the couple of times I was able to visit with him at Ozark. Praying you and your whole family to be cocooned In God’s sweet comforting peace. Joining you in prayer and in the celebration of God’s divine faithfulness. Jim McPeak

    1. Thank you so much Jim. I sure appreciate your blessing on us and prayers for us as well as your encouragement. It’s funny how God prepares us for what he calls us to!

      1. Ruthann, I was blessed to get to know Joe and you at my childhood church as my youth pastor. Such a jokester and fun loving guy( which I am sure he still is many years later).
        I can’t compare my story to anything you have been through but yes I have seen hardship. Many times over.
        God has gotten me through it. Each time I am brought to my knees and realize, I was not leaning on my God to get me through it but my own strength. I am weak! God knows that. I am a sinner and fall short everyday! God knows and sees me in all my ugliness of my heart. He hears my cries for help! . He brings loving people and women beside me to support me during each hard time. I don’t know how my marriage has survived the past 20 years. Only God got us through it all. My husband is not saved, but he knows God. I know God whispers to his heart often, because I see glimpses of God working.
        I think of where we were and where we are now and I know God is continuing to work and change my heart. I can say today I am thankful for the hard times, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would have my faith or relationship I have with God now, had I not been through the muck and mud.

        1. Ruthann J. Weece

          Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your story. I remember you very well!! I’m so glad you found me here. I look forward to trading stories with you!!

  2. Amen! Thank you for this reminder. We so need one another, and we need to let God use us to bear one another’s burdens. I continue to lift you and Joe up in prayer. Keep looking for God in everything!

    1. Thank you so much Sheila. A good reminder to keep looking for Him in all things.
      You were always an inspiration to me when we lived in Columbia. Thank you for being a spiritual sister to me.

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