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Though You Overwhelm Us, We Will Praise You

Though You Overwhelm Us, We Will Praise You

Worship accomplishes what we cannot do for ourselves. 

And perhaps this is what our battles are about more than anything else.


Worship Over Worry…it’s a phrase that’s made it’s way into our daily lives as it’s etched itself upon our hearts and our walls. 

This woven beauty was delivered to our house just last night as the kids at VBS strung this truth around its nails telling us what we speak matters even in their lives.

Because honestly we can sometimes forget we’re leaving trails of crumbs for those that come behind us to one day feast upon.


I can’t really put into words all it means to us these days. 

You see, sometimes something finds its way into our lives and it’s not until we recognize its worth we’re fully able to see why it had to crash into our home. 

But sometimes….Life has to change for hearts to change. 


Before Joe’s cancer arrived and changed our schedules and how we were doing most everything, I thought we were handling life pretty well. 

Sure there were the daily stressors, as well as what comes with restoring  a church in the middle of the city. 
We had four sons spread across four states, we’d lost my mom four years ago and cared for my dad in our home through his death and I guess I just kept taking things to God knowing the pain would one day ease.
We attended weekly worship services and Bible studies, we cultivated deep friendships, we were leading a church through the power of prayer, but somehow we were missing our deep need for God’s presence in our lives.
You see we were placing ourselves in God’s presence personally but somehow we missed how much God wanted us to invite him into our presence…
It wasn’t until we began this journey that we realized there’s some letting go that happens in the act of worship. 


I’d struggled with worry for years. 
I wrestled with it, hidden it, numbed it with all sorts of things and even reasoned it out but when our family chose to empty our lives of worry and choose worship
-BIG things began to change.



Dallas Willard says it perfectly…
“If we don’t come apart for while, we will come apart after a while.”

You see sometimes God needs to pull us away from all we are ‘doing’ even ministry itself to do an important WORK within us.

And although rest like I’ve always known it to be is not a word I’d use to describe what we’re living through, it’s been finding its way into our conversations lately.

Because rest isn’t confined to physical bodies, it begins inside souls.

It’s where minds and bodies find rest together right in the midst of worship that we truly understand what we were created for. 

Have you ever wondered why heaven is often depicted as a place of endless worship?

I’ve heard many people try to talk around this idea as if it would be endlessly boring,
but what if our idea of worship is warped? 

What if we have never truly experienced worship like heaven is waiting to share with us?
What if worship here and now is a gentle invitation to experience a sliver of heaven?
What if worship is one of God’s gift for our daily struggles?
What if God’s given us worship to refocus us from our world’s suffering onto him?
What if worship is God’s ointment given to soothe our brokenness?

Friend, its hard to imagine that we are finding any semblance of rest these days in the middle of this chaos and pain but God has been calming us in it all. 

Because worship has become the melody God’s using to fill our empty pits of worry. 
Is giving us the words to pray.
Is leading us to trust when we lack answers.
Is teaching us to call upon all of heaven and trust they’re fighting on our behalf. 
Is the answer to our anxieties.
Is the hidden blessing we often miss when we’re tangled up in what-ifs. 


Friend, whether you’re wandering through mountains or through the roughness of the valley’s terrain know that although your heart’s inclined to worry God didn’t intend for you to live this way. 

Worry leads us to believe there’s no way out and we’re trapped inside a pit but it’s not true!
Because WITH God there’s always a way out of the lion’s den and through the fire unscathed.

You see, it’s in between two walls of swelling waves God’s done his greatest work and it’s the same in the hard spaces of our lives too. 

In the beautiful place of worship our troubles lessen and God increases.


Home in the presence of God…
Is where we’re planting our feet these days, inside the longest days of our lives and yet inside the most beautiful miracles God’s doing in our midst, even in the deepest pain.  
Come on Home with us friends.
Home to the heart of God. 



Worshipping to One More Time by the Katinas these days.

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  1. Sheila Bradshaw

    What encouragement! Thank you, God, for speaking to me through Ruthann’s words. Today, I worshiped and was strengthened by His word that spoke truth to me, giving me strength to overcome doubts. This gave me rest and peace … that only He gives.

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