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Making Each Day Count


As we were recently having lunch with my son and daughter in law, he emphatically told me the next book I write needs to be about raising boys. 
It’s funny because I’ve not even wrapped the one I’m writing now in a cover, but here he was planting another seed within my heart. 

And the truth is I love this about the community of people God’s surrounded me with. 
Because there’s something absolutely powerful with others planting visions of our future inside of us. 

It strikes a chord inside of us and resonates with what God is already doing in our lives. 

God does this. 

He uses a word we hear or pulls something beautiful out of creation to capture our attention and places purpose inside of us. 

Every time another year rings in God adds another year to us as he sets his plans within us, calling us to join him in his mission. 

And his plan is ultimately for all people to know him and to invest in a growing relationship with him. 

But will we heed his attention?

Will we join him in his activity?

Or will this year be like all of the ones before where we work our tails off moving up ladders striving to make a name for ourselves?

Two of our sons were recently in a conversation together, where one of them was drilling the other on his motives in a decision he’s praying about. 
And as one of the questions came forth it struck me. 

He asked why he would do it . . .

As I pondered his question and considered how many times I’d made decisions before and went forward never thinking through the ‘why’ behind my decision, but rather ‘feeling’ the impulse to move forward. 
I’ve often walked through life reacting and responding to events rather than seeking direction. 

Sure with some of my bigger decisions I’ve sought discernment but I was thinking about the every day decisions we often make and I realized how often my feelings have swayed the outcome of these decisions more than I’ve considered the overall plan God has for my life. 

How about you?

Do you make decisions forgetting God has placed a plan inside of you to fulfill his purpose?

As we are stepping over the threshold of a new year, rather then haphazardly stepping through your days, I wonder just how much God could do if we’d align our hearts with his and consider his mission in our lives. 

Because life is complicated and when the effects of indecision or a lack of focus exist our lives can become cluttered with excess.
And then we come to the end of yet another year without ever changing.

Joe and I were just talking about how we need to schedule in some time to connect in the next few days and talk about some of our aspirations for this year.
Because honestly we know how life can abruptly come and how quickly it can change our schedules.
But when we have things listed out – they keep us aligned and connected to God’s purpose..

This isn’t something we’ve come up with ourselves.
I was just reading about how neuroscientists are even gathering research that supports this way of thinking. 

Their data emphasizes the benefit of writing down what’s important to us.
They’re saying it’s here our intentions get embedded in the deep spaces of our brains and become a filter for our decisions. 

Friends, making plans today actually changes the steps we will take tomorrow.

And this is important with our faith too. 

Because when we remind ourselves that God’s mission is important in our lives it makes what matters to God . . . matter to us!

And this is what we are here for friends.
Not to make a name for ourselves but to make His name known in our lives.

Trying to be more intentional these days realizing each day is truly a blessing…

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  1. Thank you, Ruthann, for allowing God to use you to encourage me. I am going to write down a couple of things that I know He desires me to do this year. More of Him and less of me!

  2. Yes I agree! You should definitely write a book about raising boys!
    Yesterday as I saw my father in law striving so hard to recognize me and then actually telling me he loved me I realized that being intentional in your life matters to every person around you. Praying God will lead me each day to lay my plans at His feet and truly surrender them to Him, Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Oh Caren as I was just praying for you my heart was aching for your grief and full. Because I was thinking of how thoughtful you are and have been in my life. Thank you for being intentional with me. It’s truly been such a blessing to my life. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a painful journey right. I pray God will be your peace and your comfort. Love you.

  3. I have been trying to be more intentional with what I do in my life too. Sometimes God puts a sign in front of me that I can’t miss and I go there. Other times I have no idea what to do. I have been trying to listen to God more, to the Holy Spirit in me, and I have been hearing one thing over and over — Pray more! And so that is a big part of my life now.

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