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Life in the Middle

Life in the Middle

It’s odd that here we are in the middle of our lives and we’re finding ourselves in the middle of a lot of things lately…

In fact these exact words were spoken over us this past week at the doctor’s office….
                                          ‘Well, you’re in the middle of this…’

At first they stung.
Because it feels like we’ve been fighting this thing for a long time and we honestly were hoping it would be over soon.

But sometimes this is how it is.

It’s hard living in the middle of our story when so much is unknown.

It’s hard living in a broken body. 

It’s hard being in a season of accumulating scars.

Yet friend I’ve been learning something…
What we do in the middle really matters.
In fact the middle of our story tells of how we finish. 

Because how we serve God in the middle of the valley and the dark shadows speaks the loudest in our story. 

You see, any one of us can have an amazing story of survival but how we fight for our faith in the midst of it, is what strikes the deepest chords within souls.


This makes me think of Job’s story.
As he was sitting in the middle of his suffering with burning sores all over his flesh and the burden of extreme loss weighing down upon him the voice which was the closest begged him to curse God. 

I might have been tempted…

I may have even wondered if what I believed about God was really true. 
For Job was a righteous man who faithfully followed God. 

I may have even been tempted to turn away from God. 

But Job did something different. 
He didn’t give into his feelings of grief and pain but instead he chose to cling to God. 



Maybe today friend you’re waiting desperately in the middle of your story praying for a miracle.
And you’re wondering if God really sees you. 

Well, I can tell you he sees you and he feels your pain.
So much that he made a way for you…
for your rescue and your freedom. 
In fact so much so that he chose death to buy it for you. 

I know this because it’s in my story too.

And the way our family is getting through our life in the middle right now as we wait to see if this thing has killed ever single cancer cell
-is we’re choosing to worship. 

Because waiting is painful all by itself.
It often makes us believe that everything must be wrong and it’s where hope feels a bit like hurt. 

But waiting isn’t a passive act of giving up.
Just ask the parent who’s waiting on their knees for their broken child to find their wholeness
-Waiting is the complete opposite!

Worship is the brave and courageous stance of those who are waiting on God for his deliverance.

It’s the way a warrior prepares for battle.
Because every brave war isn’t merely won on the battlefield, but in hospital rooms and within the secret spaces of worn-out hearts.

It’s the pause a gardener takes for a wilted plant to become revived…
resisting the urge to uproot it.

And friend if God brings even wilted plants back to health, doesn’t he care so much more for us?

I know every situation doesn’t get resolved here on earth.
Some are so precious to him he does the healing face-to-face in the presence of all of heaven. 

And some days I really struggle with this. 
It’s hard to watch others suffer.
It’s hard to bury love.
It’s hard to not understand it all.
And while I may not always feel hope-full, I’ve lived long enough to know worship is a verb and it’s something God’s given us to do…
it’s honestly where God’s power is birthed. 

So, although He may take from us…he may even ask something very hard of us…we will choose to praise him…
So friend, although we may have to walk over ruins and weather storms…

We will walk through them with our hands and hearts lifted to God.

‘I raise a Hallelujah…In the presence of my enemies…Louder than my unbelief…’

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  1. Sheila Bradshaw

    I totally agree with you! I have to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes lifted up to the One who can help me. I am thankful that He is patient with me, reminding me through His word, through your encouragement, through His creation…Worship Him! Abide in Him!

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