Ruthann J. Weece

My Story

Ruthann J Weece

Hello, I am Ruthann!

I am a writer + a story trader who is immensely
obsessed with people and their stories.

My story has been one which has taken many turns. 

I didn’t really get to know God until I was twenty-one and by that time I had wandered through life with so much brokenness, I didn’t understand how anyone could love me so much . . . but the more I’ve gotten to know him the more I’ve fallen in love with him. 

If you feel too busted up to be loved like this, I hope you will stay around and pull a chair up to the conversations we have here. 

If you’ve never known God, but are wondering what he’s all about . . . we are honored to have you here. 

If you feel lost and don’t know which way to go and are searching for purpose…welcome, many of us are in the exact same spot.  

I love how stories are full of hard + holy things and everything in between too.
Because life embodies all of this and this is simply what keeps me spilling ink each day. Knowing that I can meet people right in the middle of their story and offer some measure of hope is truly a gift!

Friends, I hope you’ll make yourself at home and engage in our conversations, there’s always more room at our table for each one of you!

Love + Blessings –
Ruthann Xo